Basic Dogo Argentino Puppy Training

dogo argentino puppyThe dogos were famous for their fighting and protection skills in Argentina, that’s why they are assumed to be very aggressive dogs. Let us unfold the real story and set aside the myths. Dogo’s are as loving as any other dog breed. They love to be owned and pampered, but how do they become so friendly and loving? This depends on how the dogo is brought up from the start.

Initial Training

When you bring your dogo puppy home, there will be some basic training routines that you’ll need it to learn. The new puppy needs to know where its food is placed, where the litter is, where the water bowl is, what his food is, and what his sleep timings are, among other things. These basic things need to be learnt by the puppies upon moving to your place.

If you have another pet cat or dog, make sure you get your dogo used to them. Dogos do not like to be accompanied by other pets, but if you train them right and make them realize that the house is shared by other pets too, then it’ll bond with them and make your life easier.


When your dogo is about 2-3 months old, now is the time he’d probably need housebreaking. Housebreaking should be properly taught to the dogs or else it might cause trouble for you. There are several methods of housebreaking; use a crate, an exercise pen, a doggy door that leads to a yard.


Many times you need to give your dogo a proper check-up, and if your dogo is not used to being handled, it might misbehave, bark, or resist. To avoid getting hurt, you need to familiarize your dogo with common routines. Once the dogo knows that it is part of the routine, it will not react abruptly.

Dogos also need to be familiarized with your family, friends and visitors. They should be made to mingle with the people who are close to you so that they develop a sense of trust and bond with them as well. This way you can avoid aggressive attitude and intense barking once any of these people approach.

Make your Dogo learn basic words

Making your dogo learn words is one of the most important parts of the entire training process. If your dogo does not know a word, how will it be able to react to it? Word training should start when they are 2-3 months old. You need to familiarize your dogo with basic corrective or praising words like; NO, STOP and GOOD.

The words need to be spoken in the right tone of voice and with the right body language. If you do not show anger and loudness while saying NO, then your puppy might ignore your orders. Once your puppy is older than 3 months, you can start teaching him more words that you’ll say frequently. For example: STOP, DROP IT, SIT, COME HERE, DON’T TOUCH, LIE DOWN, UP, DOWN, STAND, LEAVE IT, JUMP, and many more.

You need to respond well to the training period of your dogo puppy or else it will take longer to adjust for both, you and your puppy. Make your dogo puppy learn all the appropriate things so that he becomes a well-behaved and loyal dog.

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