Dogo Argentino Care Tips

Dogo Argentino CareThe Dogo Argentino needs almost the same care as any normal dog does. But to be more specific, we have listed down some Dogo Argentino care tips that will help you maintain your dog’s health and fitness.

Physical Exercise

A Dogo Argentino is a strong and active dog that needs proper exercise routine on a daily basis. These dogs love any type of physical exercise. You can take them for a walk or a run, or play with them in a park or backyard of your home. That’s why it is preferable that Dogos be kept in a house with big yards or gardens.

They require exercise to stay healthy and calm. If your Dogo does not get proper exercise, it might become aggressive and frustrated; this aggression will be expressed by either loud barking or chewing on things.

Ear Care

Dogo’s need proper ear care; just like any other variety of dogs. To maintain proper hygiene you need to check your dog’s ears every once in a while. If the ears trap too much dirt, use a soft tissue or a cotton ball to wipe it clean. Don’t leave the ears wet; dry them after you’re done cleaning.

If you notice your Dogo scratching its ears then there is a chance the ears caught up some infection or fungus. If this is the case, then make sure you visit your vet who’ll clean it up and suggest a good liquid medicine for its ears.

Trimming the Nails

Long nails are unattractive and a sign of bad hygiene; even in dogs! Give proper attention to your Dogo’s nails because they grow really fast. You might need to trim them once every two weeks. Long nails get stuck in bed sheets, sofas, and blankets, and also make it painful for your Dogo to walk. You can also get hurt while playing with your Dogo.

Trim your Dogo’s nails regularly, and if you can’t do it yourself, visit your vet or a grooming center to get the job done.

Skin Care

Dogos have sensitive skin, and they usually get infections and allergies. Prolonged exposure to the sun can also cause burns and irritation in their skin. That’s why it is advised that you don’t leave them in the sun for long. You need to take special care while choosing your Dogo’s shampoo. A gentle dog shampoo would be preferable for Dogos.

Dogo Argentino Care: Hair

Being a short haired dog, Dogos don’t cause too much hair problems. Their hair/coat is manageable and you’ll need to brush them twice a week. Their hair sheds a lot naturally, but if you notice unusual hair fall, consider visiting a vet.

Dogo Argentino Care: Teeth

To avoid bad breath and bad teeth, you must make a habit of brushing your Dogo’s teeth regularly. Make sure your Dogo is used to brushing or else it’ll be really hard for you to handle it. Buy dog toothpaste and a finger toothbrush from any pet store. Don’t use your own toothpaste on your dog because it is toxic for them. If your Dogo is not used to brushing, buy a teeth cleaning chew from a pet store to keep its teeth and gums clean.

Having a Dogo Argentino as a pet requires you to have knowledge of these tips to maintain its proper health and fitness. This breed is very loyal, and will protect you at any cost; so make sure you take proper care of your Dogo’s health and fitness.