Get Your Dogo To Obey You!

dogo argentino obeyWhen you adopt a dogo, you need to know that you have to take proper care of it. The care we are talking about is the training period. Training should start at an early age so that your dogo can adapt to your ways.

Your Dogo must Respect you!

One of the most important aspects of training your dogo is to train it to respect you. This can be done by training it to listen to you from an early age. Your dogo will follow your commands when you treat it nicely. It is not a beast, it is a very loving dog, and if you take him towards the right path, it’ll never disrespect you.

You need to act as a leader. Dogos also believe that they are part of a pack, just like wolves. Make them believe that you are the pack leader; dogos will love to follow your commands and instructions. They love to be handled by leaders. Often, dogos act rudely and show signs of aggressive behavior; this is because they start to feel like the leaders. This usually happens when the owner is not playing the role of a boss/owner/leader and neglecting its dog.

You are the OWNER!

Dogo Argentino owners need to realize that they are the boss and they will lead their dogo the right way. The dog is dependent on the owner for its life, health, safety, and training. You have to step up as a leader and guide your dogo in the right way. Only then it’ll obey and respect you. When you play the role of a leader, your dogo will listen to your commands and won’t mistake it as being bossy and killing its freedom. What you are doing is best for the dog and for yourself as well.

While taking care of your Dogo

Many owners face difficulty when they are trying to clip their dogo’s nails, giving it a bath, cleaning its ears, attaching its leash. This is because you did not train him to obey you and keep calm early on. This needs to be done when your dogo is just a puppy. You need to make it used to these activities so that it knows that it’s not being harmed and can maintain it’s cool.

Follower Dogs are happier dogs

You have to act as the leader without assuming that you are being commanding. Your dogo will behave properly when you take charge of it. Most of the dogs feel a sense of satisfaction and security when their owner acts as their leaders.

You wouldn’t want your dogo barking furiously at guests that enter your home. When dogos are not well-trained, they often act badly and misbehave. Even when you try to stop them, they won’t listen to you and might bark back at you.

In the training process when you teach your dogo to obey you, you often give him a treat at the end of a task. This makes your dogo act well in front of others and even at home because they know that if they will listen to you, they’ll get a treat.

When your dog acts nicely and obediently, everyone loves it, and we all know how dogs love attention. This will make your dogo happy and it’ll behave in the best way.


  1. Geoff Stilley says

    I have a 5 month old Dogo. Simply put … The best dog I have ever owned!

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